28 May 2007

It's Over...

I noticed today that traffic has suffered on this site. Maybe its cause two of the trippers haven't posted since last year, or maybe its cause the trip is over. Why check the site when the trip is over? Why click on the adds when the boys no longer need our money? So why care?

Well, the trip may be over, but this site will live on forever. Welcome to the post-trip section, where we (probably just me) will post our thoughts, feeling, and advice on how it feels to be home after being gone for 11-13 months travelling. Some of us are planning to hit the road again, others, to get a job, others just looking to get back into the groove of things, of how things were before we left.

So keep checking! I'm going to be working on the brand new Best of! Trippers section, which will showcase the best places, food, things, and even unthings that I saw during my trip, with PHOTOS! Yes, photos.

Now that you mention, photos. I have over 5,000 photos from this trip, many duplicates, and I didn't organize during my travels because, well, I didn't have a computer. So I'm slowly, but surely, gathering all those photos in one place, organizing them, and soon, making a digital slideshow of the best photos, soundtracked with music from my trip around the world. Sound nice? Well, I'll post it on YouTube when I'm finished.

So the trip might be over, but the adventure it not. I started a new blog to showcase my next story, politics and the 2008 election. Check it out - http://nithincoca.wordpress.com

Until next post...I'm sure you can't wait!


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