04 August 2007

Morocco - Rocking the Casbah!

Alright, the photos keep on coming! Now, Morocco. Click on the extreme picture to the left to see my album from Morocco, the land of amazing food, friendly people, and lots of French. Good ol Berber hospitality!

From the Atlas Mountains to Fez to Marrakesh, the two ancient royal cities of Morocco, here is the fascinating melting pot that is Morocco.

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Anonymous Morocco Property said...

Hey Nithin.
Pictures are awesome.
I really glad that you enjoyed your trip to Morocco.

Morocco is an attractive tourist destination thanks to its mesmerizing cultural heritage and distinctive natural beauty, from snow-capped mountains to fascinating beaches to the desert’s huge golden sand dunes, as well as a hot climate all year round.

Morocco is one of the most friendly countries in the Arab world, a country where the watchwords are hospitality and gentleness, not violence and danger.

8:07 AM  

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